Our Oracle

Our Chainlink oracles are hosted using our own scalable infrastructure to provide the best uptime. Below you will find all the information you need to get started using our oracle


Node Address: 0xCF2D187D3833Dd9063B019D0c39E4566576C3C56

Oracle Contract: 0x2ed7e9fcd3c0568dc6167f0b8aee06a02cd9ebd8

Job IDs

HTTP Get Bytes32: 519ac9986d28424fbe9e43b698eeb833

HTTP Post Bytes32: 380e48f48a0645fda71e55692c77e752

HTTP Get Int256: 0e3c2a4a5e594a25a17e30efb9338269

HTTP Get Uint256: a32d79b72f28437b8a30788ca62b0f21

HTTP Get Bool: 82338f6440f04ebea4ef246bd4153dd9

Testnet (Ropsten)

Ropsten Node Address: 0xD5b9C0e574C4BBD7D354aff239587B718A86061D

Ropsten Oracle Contract: 0xa0BfFBdf2c440D6c76af13c30d9B320F9d2DeA6A

Job IDs

HTTP Get Bytes32: c2b34d71e8224d81bd5a5fd37f4fe05d

HTTP Post Bytes32: 8d00cad4727c4527a86402b452b15ecf

HTTP Get Int256: a0ea97f6bc19480fa069f7ca8e4c5ee7

HTTP Get Uint256: e0fc58dc839a42808c3c51186f6f8381

HTTP Get Bool: a58052ccbace4e65a62b97b665998a92